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Sticky Bear Creations

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

By Lisa Morris, Sticky Bear Creations



What an honor to be asked to be featured as a fiber artist on Agri-Artisans.com! When I was first asked to be featured, I was shocked! ME? Fiber Artist? Huh, I have no formal training as an artist. I have a small hobby farm with German Angora rabbits and Pygora Goats. I fell down the “rabbit hole” over a year ago. My daughter wanted to raise rabbits, so my husband and I built hutches and fenced in run for them. When we brought them home, I had no intention to spin, felt, or dye the fibers. Strictly shear and sell! Well, then we sheared- and this soft fuzzy stuff was so amazing! And I could MAKE YARN??


So, my journey was plotted by the fates that weave destiny. I started out dyeing with food coloring and Kool-Aid, moved on to felting a pair of baby booties for my sister’s first grandchild, and then found a cotton field and located the farmer, who graciously allowed me to pick a few pounds. I heard his amusement in his voice when I told him my plan of spinning the cotton into yarn!


Over the next few months, I made my own drop spindle. My husband and I even tried to make a spinning wheel. But on my 40th Birthday I was surprised by my family with an Ashford Kiwi 2!! It was love at first sight! I have networked within the grower and producer markets for fleece, my personal favorite is alpaca. I process alpaca from raw un-skirted fiber, which led to my husband being a fiber enabler. He came up with our “Stickybear Primitive Picker,” that was designed for fine fibers like alpaca, mohair, and angora. And to be able to blend clouds! He has now started making his own line of fiber processing equipment; we just released our Hackle and comb set!


This past summer we added pygora goats to our hobby farm! Gucci, Loki and Gizmo our three weathered boys. We lost Gucci unexpectedly, a sadness that will always stay with us. A dark reality to farming and having animals, it’s never easy when a loved one is lost.


We are enjoying our new role as goat parents and they are doing their share of being little lawn mower and currently growing the most fabulous fleece! Can’t wait to shearing season!!


I love to create, color, and texture. Every process within creating the yarn feels like home to me - skirting, washing, combing, carding, dyeing and spinning. It has become a part of me and a part of family, as we all play a role in this art. Aurora, our daughter helps to care for the animals. Damion is creating process equipment that is needed. And I am amazed at how we have become a fiber rich family farm. Every day is a new creation, a new piece of art for our memory and hearts. Thank you for reading about our farm and family.


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