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Hello Candle Lovers! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jan Schubert and I am the owner of Bee Happy Candles, a small company that produces 100% pure beeswax candles.


I was married to a commercial beekeeper for 20 years, which means I had unlimited access to beeswax and that’s when I began making candles. Along the way I discovered that I could make my own molds and a whole new source of satisfaction ensued. Throw in an artistic and creative impulse, a love of nature, and twenty years of experimentation with different embellishment techniques, and Voila'! I have created hundreds of different designs and continue to produce new candles every year.


I start from the raw, unfiltered wax that I purchase from my beekeeper friends and use pure cotton wicks to ensure that my candles burn brightly and are healthy for the environment. I love that my product is a cross between art, craft and agriculture; something that is useful and doesn't have to sit on a shelf collecting dust. I also love that I can create something of beauty that is sustainable and brings joy and light into the world.


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Great Agri-Artisan Finds



You know how sometimes you stumble across a hidden treasure in that road side flea market or that small country store. Now you can uncover unique hand-made finds all in one place.


It’s our goal to share some of the best Agri-Artisan products in the countrry and introduce you to the amazing people behind them. You’ll find an eclectic array of products from pottery, to textiles, to hand-made wood products and botanicals.


Agri-Artisans works hard to ensure that we only display products that are locally and regionally sourced by the crafter, are part of a certified “free trade” organic collective and offer small batched, handmade goods. That’s what makes these products so unique.


Each product has a story and an incredibly talented Agri-Artisan behind it. That’s why our slogan is so important – From the land, to our hands to you. So discover new treasures in our directory, learn about the amazing people behind them and find out how you can uncover an extraordinary culture and lifestyle.



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