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Agri-Artisans was founded with three goals in mind:


1.Become the first nationwide directory of true Agri-Artisans, not people who try to capitalize on the words “Artisan” and “Organic” but people who truly believe in what they do. People who have a broader and more defined vision of their lives, their communities and the world.


2.Educate the general public on what an Agri-Artisan actually is by providing resources, products, artisan profiles and ideas for everyday living.


3.Become a resource for Argi-Artisan business owners to seek out other certified vendors, building a cohesive network of goods, services and relationships.


We are a small company of Southern women who truly believe in what we are doing and bring over 50 years of combined experience in Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Journalism, Eco and Cultural Tourism and Management.


More importantly, we bring a love and respect for the earth, our environment and our communities. We realize that a good business is based on an honest, ethical, down-to-earth approach to our customers. We believe in what we are doing. We believe in what YOU are doing. And we want to be there for you.

Fall On The Farm

from Gucci to Goats

Jake Keiser

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It’s fall on the farm. The humidity has dropped, and the chickens and turkeys are finishing their molts and ready to face Winter with soft, new feathers. All the animals are cuddlier this time of year and starting to seek me out for affection. It’s officially “fire and lap” season, and I couldn’t be happier. I can already smell the bonfires and feel the animal cuddles (yes, chickens love a warm lap to nap in). The South is known for summertime on the porch, but for me the fall is my favorite time on the porch. Even the stars seem to shine brighter this time of year.


The other great news is that my AC is finally off. The windows and front door are open and there’s a welcome breeze cleaning stagnant air from the house. The nights are getting cool enough to enjoy the fireplace, and I don’t feel guilty about cooking comfort food as evidenced by the homemade gumbo simmering on the stove now.


I love the light in autumn, it’s softer, gentler and lulls the chickens to roost earlier. The pecans are barely starting to peek from their protective hulls and the cotton is high in the fields. Sitting on my porch swing I can see the trees off in the distance starting to turn varying shades of yellows and reds. I’ve always thought they looked like a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal. These are some of my favorite things about this time of year.


This is the time of year when farm people prepare for the coming season of rest. In Mississippi, winter is our rainy season – which means mud and muck and rarely, but occasionally, snow. It takes time to get to know your land, your animals and nature's patterns. Every year has brought new winter challenges and I tackle those challenges the following fall. This year I’m trying to prepare for the mud by putting pavers in strategic places. The goats and my feather-footed chickens are prissy and hate mud on their delicate feet. I don’t blame them, so I’m trying to be considerate and mindful of any potential health and discomfort issues.


The big news this month is the does in my little dairy goat herd appear to be pregnant! So now the countdown begins for the 2016 kidding season – expected due dates start end of January. I’m not naturally a patient woman but living this life changes people in fundamental ways. You can’t help but stop to notice and enjoy what nature presents. Life isn’t as rushed, there’s more interesting things to pay attention to and fall is the perfect time to slow down and soak it all in.


I can hear the chimes blowing in the breeze outside, and I can’t imagine a better invitation to go enjoy a hot cup of tea on the porch. Have a wonderful month!



I’m Jake Keiser, a single, former city girl seeking a fabulous farm life in Oxford, Mississippi. You can follow me on Facebook by searching Gucci to Goats or Instagram @Gucci_to_Goats.


According to the color authority, Pantone, earthy neutrals (think, herby green and stormy gray) will mix with pastoral pastels (soft oranges and blue sage) in all manners of home decor. "The colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security, “says a Pantone spokesperson. Pantone has been the industry leader for over 40 years, predicting color trends based on a variety of factors. The new colors can evoke the feelings of one big garden party. And that means prolonging the summer magic. We can certainly appreciate that sentiment. Take a look at the top 10 colors for fall in the infographic below.



Colors such as; Dried Herb, Oak Bluff, Amethyst Orchard and Reflecting Pond definitely bring the outdoors inside for Agri-Artisans. What better way to celebrate than bringing nature inside to enjoy through the changing landscapes and falling temperatures. Check out a few ways to bring an instant elegance to your home below…from the land, to our hands, to you…













Decorate for Fall


How To



Bring the Outdoors "In" This Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to bring the outdoors in. The rich vibrant tones and textures offer a variety of looks to please every decorating style. And let’s be honest: Surrounding ourselves with the deep crimsons, burled browns, golden yellows and honest russets make all of us want to make a cup of tea and relax in nature’s opulence of these burnt orange days.


The simplicity of bringing outdoor elements indoors is another aspect that makes fall decorating so easy. The key is to mix and match. We love these ideas by, One Good Thing by Jilly. They combines thrift store finds and imagination to create a more magical season.


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