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Our Agri-Artisans Story

Agri-Artisans was founded with three goals in mind:


1.Become the first nationwide directory of true Agri-Artisans, not people who try to capitalize on the words “Artisan” and “Organic” but people who truly believe in what they do. People who have a broader and more defined vision of their lives, their communities and the world.


2.Educate the general public on what an Agri-Artisan actually is by providing resources, products, artisan profiles and ideas for everyday living.


3.Become a resource for Argi-Artisan business owners to seek out other certified vendors, building a cohesive network of goods, services and relationships.


We are a small company of Southern women who truly believe in what we are doing and bring over 50 years of combined experience in Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Journalism, Eco and Cultural Tourism and Management.


More importantly, we bring a love and respect for the earth, our environment and our communities. We realize that a good business is based on an honest, ethical, down-to-earth approach to our customers. We believe in what we are doing. We believe in what YOU are doing. And we want to be there for you.



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The Creation of An Agri-Artisan Lifestyle

from Gucci to Goats

Jake Keiser

This November marks my third year living as a farm girl in north Mississippi. Previously I lived in Tampa, Florida for nearly all of my adult life. Moving to Mississippi was a huge change in lifestyle and culture. What made me leave the city for a rural life?


For one thing, the economy was depressed. Every day I watched the news and heard stories of parents who were having a difficult time feeding their families after job losses. I saw the media interview desperate parents playing with their kids in yards...yards that didn’t appear to have even a small garden. The helpless mindset scared me to the core. I was living in a condo with a view of a freeway 30 feet away and had no way of even having a small garden or any way to care for myself in an emergency. I was totally dependent on others.

Around this time I started wondering if it were possible to make certain food items and beauty products at home. I discovered it was definitely possible and what I could make was often better quality than what I could buy prepackaged at stores.


I started an odd obsession with chickens. Why? I have no idea, I just wanted to learn all I could about them and much to my boyfriend’s horror, I would watch webcams of people’s backyard flocks. The first time I bought farm fresh eggs I was so excited but couldn’t eat them for a week because they weren’t uniform in size and color – there is no variety in the grocery eggs so farm fresh eggs intimidated me and even felt a little subpar.


Eventually I decided I would one day retire to a house and land and have a few chickens. Then the big epiphany happened. As I sat in my condo, watching a celebrity TV show, playing a game on my phone with an US Weekly magazine in my lap it dawned on me…I had no real life skills. I was a decent cook and had been self employed for years but in any real emergency I had no valuable life skills. I had filled my time with irrelevant things. I realized I was bored and although I had a great social life, my life felt small.

I was far from someone you would consider a hippie or environmentalist. I lived in a city and loved girl’s nights, the next party and luxury brands but found my drive for self sufficiency getting in the way of remaining dependent. This evolution started to wreak havoc in my life as my old thought processes crumbled.

Where do people like me go as we start this transformation? As trivial as this may sound, was it possible to maintain style and experience culture while on the path to self-reliance? As a single woman was I crazy for wanting to do this? Were there other women like me out there? When people think of land and farms I’m pretty sure they don’t think of single women out there doing this. Having a garden is one thing but a “girlie-girl” running a farm?


Leaving the comfort of the city, relationships, and other addictions wasn’t easy. While in the midst of moving I had anxiety wondering if I was doing the right thing and waited for major regret and panic to kick in. It never did. Instead I found serenity, creativity, excitement and a constant stream of things to learn.



Since moving I haven’t had to maintain a gym membership as farm life is more active than my previous life. My skin and overall health have improved and I’m rarely bored. I’ve witnessed my own complete and continual transformation, relished learning new skills and being closer to nature.

I’ve discovered people living rurally are often resourceful, creative and generous. Distance from easily assessable stores forces you to be imaginative and use what you have available. I always wanted to be a creative type. Living rurally tends to make artists out of anyone who lets it.


This lifestyle has given me peace and happiness I’ve never known and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.


I’m Jake Keiser, a single, former city girl seeking a fabulous farm life in Oxford, Mississippi. You can follow me on Facebook by searching Gucci to Goats or Instagram @Gucci_to_Goats.


Decorate for Fall


How To



According to the color authority, Pantone, earthy neutrals (think, herby green and stormy gray) will mix with pastoral pastels (soft oranges and blue sage) in all manners of home decor. "The colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security, “says a Pantone spokesperson. Pantone has been the industry leader for over 40 years, predicting color trends based on a variety of factors. The new colors can evoke the feelings of one big garden party. And that means prolonging the summer magic. We can certainly appreciate that sentiment. Take a look at the top 10 colors for fall in the infographic below.



Colors such as; Dried Herb, Oak Bluff, Amethyst Orchard and Reflecting Pond definitely bring the outdoors inside for Agri-Artisans. What better way to celebrate than bringing nature inside to enjoy through the changing landscapes and falling temperatures. Check out a few ways to bring an instant elegance to your home below…from the land, to our hands, to you…













Bring the Outdoors "In" This Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to bring the outdoors in. The rich vibrant tones and textures offer a variety of looks to please every decorating style. And let’s be honest: Surrounding ourselves with the deep crimsons, burled browns, golden yellows and honest russets make all of us want to make a cup of tea and relax in nature’s opulence of these burnt orange days.


The simplicity of bringing outdoor elements indoors is another aspect that makes fall decorating so easy. The key is to mix and match. We love these ideas by, One Good Thing by Jilly. They combines thrift store finds and imagination to create a more magical season.


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