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The Farm House's Trey Cioccia

The Farm To Table Movement


Farm-to-Table is a truly sustainable movement that focuses on local restaurants using fresh local organic ingredients harvested from nearby farms. And, in some cases, the restaurants and farms are owned by the same family. Anyone using the Farm-to-Table phrase in their establishment should be able to name the farm they are sourcing from. This can also be referred to as Farm-to-Fork, Farm Fresh or Locally Sourced.


At Agri-Artisans we see this more of a lifestyle than a movement and it's our hope that it will soon become the norm rather than the exception. But it's up to you to demand locally grown foods in restaurants and supermarkets to help make this a reality.


Throughout our site you'll find qualified organic food, wine and spirit distributors you can purchase directly from. Or, you can check the amazing restaurants below ranging from casual to find dining. These restaurants support their local farms - typically sustainable, often organic and food made with a little TLC.




A native of Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Trey Cioccia always dreamed of opening a restaurant. Surrounded by people who had a resilient passion for organic farming, Trey was strongly influenced by his grandfather, who was devoted to maintaining the family’s 100-acre farm in Hohenwald, Tennessee, and a chemical-free, produce garden in nearby Old Hickory, where Trey is currently producing for The Farm House.


After finishing culinary school with a dual degree in culinary arts and hotel and restaurant management, he launched his career by serving under Tyler Brown at the legendary Hermitage Hotel’s Capitol Grille. Trey worked as sous chef for the Capitol Grille before later moving on to work as the executive chef at Cantina Laredo, where his long-time friend, Robert Compton, joined him in the kitchen. Compton is now the executive sous chef at The Farm House. “I knew I wanted Bobby by my side when I opened The Farm House. He shares my vision for this restaurant,” Trey said.


The Farm House opened in October 2013, and features a menu that outsources to 21 farms containing Tennessee’s freshest products and a few more from the region. “I wanted to give Tennessee a concept built on the roots of our historical state,” Trey noted. "That was important to me as a local guy from the Nashville area."


When he is not spending time working at The Farm House, Trey enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons in their garden or on their patio, along with a bottle of Cabernet, a grill and a stoked fire pit. After 16 years of working towards the goal of opening his own restaurant, Trey was eager to develop a unique gathering place where people feel right at home.


The Farm House

210 Almond Street

Nashville, TN 37203




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