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Agri - (Greek> Lation: fields; wild; living in or of the fields, via ager, agri.)

Artisan - 1. A skilled worker or craftsman 2. A person skilled in making a product by hand.


The concept is simple - Agri-Artisans blend their stewardship of the land with their love of creating wholesome, organic, diverse natural products. From bread, cheeses, spirits, pottery, soaps, coffees, teas, botanicals and a plethora of handcrafted "artisanal" goods, Agri-Artisans seek to create a harmony in goods and services for a more authentic, gracious way of living. This harmonious balance lends itself to a better world and a broader eco-ethical business model.


Our goal is to provide a cohesive platform to share Agri-Artisans' stories and products as well as educate and promote the culture and lifestyle. Agri-Artisans: from the land, to our hands, to you.







Spring to Summer










Spring is here. Pretty soon we will turn our sights to summer.

We have recipes, great artisnal finds and interviews with farmers,chefs and artists--along with a plethora of other "Green" musings So settle in and see what the new season has in store for you and your family. We hope it is filled with wonderful things. From the land ,to our hands, to you.








We've listed our absolute favortite Agri-Artisan products this summer. See why they made it to the top of our list and why you'll love them too. And be sure to check out our Featured Agri-Artisans the stories behind their passion. Click on the individual images below to take you to information about these products.



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